DiscoverShameless“I’m a larrikin, I just do these things”
“I’m a larrikin, I just do these things”

“I’m a larrikin, I just do these things”

Update: 2022-06-223


Happy Thursday, fam!!!

On today’s show: the hoax that had us all thinking Kim and Pete were in Cairns visiting local cafes, Hamish Blake wins the Gold Logie, Hailey Bieber launches skincare while Beyonce announces a new album and then, we open the Shameless mailbag: whaddyyaaa do if you really, really hate your best friend's partner?

This week, Mich recommended the Revealer Concealer by Kosas Cosmetics. Zara recommended listening to The Palace Papers audiobook by Tina Brown, and also brought us a hack! If you’re hearing Siri’s voice in your Airpods and don’t know how to turn it off, Zara’s gotchu. Go to your ‘Siri’ settings, then ‘announcements’, and then… turn off notifications.

Got some thoughts on today’s episode you wanna share? We’re allllll ears (also, eyes, heads, bodies, etc etc) - join in the convo over on our Insta @shamelesspodcast.

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“I’m a larrikin, I just do these things”

“I’m a larrikin, I just do these things”

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