DiscoverDodging Death: A Comedy Podcast"I was in a room with Mr. Methane..."
"I was in a room with Mr. Methane..."

"I was in a room with Mr. Methane..."

Update: 2019-07-27


In this episode: Grass pollen season is in full flow and Ryan disastrously tries to use it as an opportunity to demonstrate his party piece of sneezing on demand - something which backfires in typically spectacular fashion. Stephen tells us about the time he found himself solo in Japan, and wandered into a monster themed restaurant; where he dined alone, surrounded by school children. He also tells of the time he went on a sightseeing tour of Rome and encountered the most disgruntled tour guide in the city. Ryan reveals how he was starstruck after encountering Tony Cotton and the cast of Coronation Street on a recent soiree in Manchester. The team also question the motivation behind Stephen's recent profile picture change and they take part in the latest feature which he calls Pauldible, testing if they can identify celebrity narrators of popular audio books.

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About the show: Dodging Death is a weekly comedy podcast, hosted by Stephen Williams Jr and Ryan Paton. Join them for an hour of generally uninformed, irrelevant chat - where they discuss topics such as celebrity builder Nick Knowles, the daily threat of gout and bus driver rivalry. Despite its name, the podcast will offer little in the way of information towards how you can, in fact, avoid an untimely demise. If anything, it’ll only make your fear of it worse...








"I was in a room with Mr. Methane..."

"I was in a room with Mr. Methane..."

Stephen Williams Jr & Ryan Paton