DiscoverThe Pulse by apaleo: The Voice of Hospitality Tech Leaders"Leadership and Hospitality Platforms for the Future" Marco Nussbaum
"Leadership and Hospitality Platforms for the Future" Marco Nussbaum

"Leadership and Hospitality Platforms for the Future" Marco Nussbaum

Update: 2021-04-09


Join us this time for an exciting conversation with apaleo's Founder & COO Martin Reichenbach and special guest star Marco Nussbaum, hospitality industry expert,
Hotelier, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Author. Your host Alicia Wahlberg will take you through a spicy and revealing conversation about leading through mistake culture and where the future of hospitality strategy will be headed.

Who is Marco Nussbaum?

Marco Nussbaum has over 30 years of hotel business, as an apprentice, as a manager, as an entrepreneur. You could more than say that Marco Nussbaum knows the industry! In the specialist media, he is considered a “controlled rule-breaker”. He always questions the status quo, that of others, and his own. With a wide range of talents, Marco is a Hotelier, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author, and Hospitality Expert.

In exceptional times such as the corona pandemic, when it comes to questions of crisis or change management, he is closely involved. When it comes to the future of digitization, he set trends early on and is also here to help others. In his hotels, Marco Nussbaum helped to develop, implement - and live digitization in various areas. His experience makes him a sparring partner to advance the transformation of a company into the digital age.

Now he passes on his knowledge because knowledge is not a possession for him. He is an advisor and accelerator. Because where others are now, he was too. He was a trainee, manager at various management levels in large hotel chains, co-founder, and CEO. The tuition he paid on his path to success was valuable, as were the teachings of his mentors.

Spurred on by the great response to his articles in industry magazines, he started a much-noticed blog “This is how hotel works today” in 2009. He attracted the greatest attention in 2015 with his open letter to boss Peter Verhoeven, published in the blog, in which he accused him of guest-napping and brand bidding. Until then, no one had approached the online booking giant so directly. In 2020 Marco Nussbaum will say goodbye to his blog in order to devote himself even more to his podcast. But the posts are still being viewed and shared today.

After co-authoring several books on the hotel and tourism industry, he will publish his first book as author and editor in 2021. His upcoming book appears in his own publishing house and will be out in Spring 2021.

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"Leadership and Hospitality Platforms for the Future" Marco Nussbaum

"Leadership and Hospitality Platforms for the Future" Marco Nussbaum