DiscoverWhat The Tech?"Metrics That Matter" with Lauren Thibodeau of saascan
"Metrics That Matter" with Lauren Thibodeau of saascan

"Metrics That Matter" with Lauren Thibodeau of saascan

Update: 2024-03-06


Today I am thrilled to welcome to the show Lauren Thibodeau, who, along with being the Founder at saascan, is an adviser and all-around rock star within the Canadian startup ecosystem.

At saascan, Lauren and her team provide mentoring, enablement and advisory services to Canadian SaaS startups at almost all stages of their growth journey. What sets saascan apart is that they help SaaS leaders be metrics-savvy and customer-centric, leveraging the latest research to inform all decisions. This ultimately helps businesses achieve higher Annual Recurring Revenue, Net Dollar Retention, and SaaS company valuation.

On the topic of research, Lauren and her team recently published The SaaS Metrics That Matter Most for Startups in 2024 report, which highlighted the key success factors that burgeoning SaaS businesses need to prioritize to navigate all that 2024 has in store. From the expected impacts of generative AI to the rise of “hashtag growficiency,” I’m excited to get Lauren’s take on how these metrics are starting to bear as 2024 rolls out. 

But as I mentioned before, Lauren’s reach goes beyond saascan, as she’s an advisor to incubators and accelerators across Canada—including our friends at Volta and Invest Ottawa—as well as directly providing customer success strategy for a roster of startups in her network. 

She’s got her finger on the pulse of the Canadian startup ecosystem, and I can’t wait to pick her brain on the current state of startups and what it takes to succeed in today’s market.

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"Metrics That Matter" with Lauren Thibodeau of saascan

"Metrics That Matter" with Lauren Thibodeau of saascan

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