DiscoverPod Save America"Our lawless, wall-less president."
"Our lawless, wall-less president."

"Our lawless, wall-less president."

Update: 2019-08-2933


Alyssa Mastromonaco and Jon L. discuss reports that Trump has promised pardons if aides break the law to build his border wall, the winnowing of the Democratic presidential field, and a new Senate seat opening in Georgia. Then, Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley joins to discuss the House, the Squad, and the fight for gun control and policies rooted in empathy.

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Comments (5)

Ty Smith

Yikes @1:02:10. Using the phrase "we will bring the fire" after a molotov cocktail was used on an Immigration facility in Florida. I'm willing to bet that was just bad timing, but if not that's not a good look.

Sep 2nd

Nick Kerr

i enjoyed her interview, but the fact that she continued to refer to Donald Trump as "the occupant of this White House" was a little ridiculous. say the man's name. You're playing into the hands of the Trumpster "TDS" bull by doing that.

Aug 31st
Reply (1)

Venice Lockjaw

I think it's pretty fucking disgusting that Joe Biden used his family tragedy to attack progressive ideas. he dishonors his family's memory and cheapens their tragedy. he's vowed to serve the big donors and special interest. he doesn't give a shit about affordable healthcare for ordinary Americans. that's how Hollow of an a human being he is. we're going to end up with a redo of Hillary versus Trump all over again

Aug 31st

Nance G.

I never knew what Alyssa used to do. I know important people can be funny but I love her so much. She's great on Hysteria.

Aug 30th
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"Our lawless, wall-less president."

"Our lawless, wall-less president."

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