"Rock Opera" (w/ Ben Gibbard)

"Rock Opera" (w/ Ben Gibbard)

Update: 2017-10-23


Forever Dog Presents: Kevin McDonald’s Rock Opera! The year is 1991. Kevin is living in Toronto working on a small little HBO show called Kids In The Hall. He’s also in a toxic relationship with a woman named Cheater, who regularly cheats on him. But Kevin is aware of this devastating truth and does what any logical person would do in this situation: he asks Cheater to marry him (9:01 ). Dave Foley, future star of A Bugs Life (played by Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard), pleads with Kevin to not marry Cheater (13:00 ). Meanwhile, a Texas producer hired by Lorne Michaels books Kevin & Dave on the Joan Rivers Show (15:30 ), whisking him away to the Big Apple just before Cheater says they shouldn’t get married (16:55 ). Kevin is despondent, but Dave drags him out of bed for a raucous night on the town (20:47 ) — a night that involves copious amounts of alcohol, an AIDS benefit, more cheating, and an ambiguous moral (22:30 ). After the opera, Kevin interviews Ben Gibbard (41:11 ) and invites him to play a two-song acoustic set to close the night: Teardrop Windows (57:00 ) and Such Great Heights (59:48 ). Crank the volume, slip into your most expensive outfit, and tap along to the pulsing rhythm of Kevin McDonald’s Rock Opera, which in this short time, has already been lauded as “the best podcast rock opera of the week." CAST Kevin: Kevin McDonald Dave Foley: Ben Gibbard Announcer/Keyboards: Ron Hippe Cheater: Christine Riippi NY Woman/Joan Rivers: Sarah Hanchar Texas Producer/Men at Benefit: Paul Levy Guitar: Jan Ciganik Recorded live at Unexpected Productions in Seattle Sound Engineering by William Smith, HatchBack LLC

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"Rock Opera" (w/ Ben Gibbard)

"Rock Opera" (w/ Ben Gibbard)

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