DiscoverThe Pulse by apaleo: The Voice of Hospitality Tech Leaders"Scalability with Automation" Limehome's Josef Vollmayr and Nils Ziehn
"Scalability with Automation" Limehome's Josef Vollmayr and Nils Ziehn

"Scalability with Automation" Limehome's Josef Vollmayr and Nils Ziehn

Update: 2021-03-12


Join us this time for an exciting conversation with apaleo's Founder & CBDO Philip von Ditfurth and special guest stars Dr. Josef Vollmayr and Nils Ziehn from Limehome GmbH. Join your host Alicia Wahlberg for an innovative and revealing conversation about scalability and automation.

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Josef Vollmayr
Founder & Managing Director Limehome GmbH

As Managing Director, Dr. Josef Vollmayr is responsible for the strategic direction of the company, further development of the product, national and international expansion, as well as marketing and finance. In 2018, he co-founded Limehome, a radical technology-based hotel concept that can offer fully equipped suites at prices of a standard hotel room by fully automating all processes, with Lars Stäbe.

After spending more than 500 nights in various hotels around the world during his time as a management consultant at McKinsey, Vollmayr couldn't let go of the idea of developing a concept that eliminates waiting times, combines modern design with a feeling of home while promising the standards of an established hotel brand.
Within less than 2 years, the idea became an established concept that provides a novel hotel experience to more than 50,000 satisfied guests at more than 40 locations in Germany and Austria. By 2021, at least 40 more locations in DACH and Spain will be added, which will be operated via the technology platform.

Josef Vollmayr is the author of scientific articles in marketing, was a lecturer for statistics, CRM, and empirical methods at several universities, and as a management consultant has supported companies from consumer industries and private equity worldwide in the development and implementation of their growth strategies.

Privately, he invests in real estate and as an angel investor in tech start-ups and likes to spend his free time by the sea - to test other hotel concepts, but also to keep fit by surfing. The former competitive athlete (decathlon) is considered an expert in prop and travel tech industries, organizational development, and growth strategies.

Nils Ziehn
VP Product & BI at Limehome GmbH

Nils Ziehn is responsible for digital product development and business intelligence at Limehome as VP Product & BI. In his role as VP Product, his focus at Limehome is on maximizing customer satisfaction, expanding digital products, and developing modern, digital methods for optimized price development and identifying new locations.

While studying Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich, Ziehn discovered his passion for digital products and founded his first startup. After selling two of his startups, he deepened his expertise in Machine Learning and Data Science in his role as Senior Vice President Data at online shopping platform Stylight. Before joining Limehome in March 2020, Ziehn served as Chief Technology Officer at Homelike, a booking portal for furnished business apartments.


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"Scalability with Automation" Limehome's Josef Vollmayr and Nils Ziehn

"Scalability with Automation" Limehome's Josef Vollmayr and Nils Ziehn