DiscoverWhat The Tech?"Scrappy Founders" with Kris McCarthy of FanSaves
"Scrappy Founders" with Kris McCarthy of FanSaves

"Scrappy Founders" with Kris McCarthy of FanSaves

Update: 2024-02-28


Today I am thrilled to welcome to the show Kris McCarthy, Co-Founder and COO of FanSaves. Now, FanSaves is a sports tech startup and digital platform that offers fans discounts and deals from sponsors of their favorite sports teams and organizations. They provide partners with unlimited digital sponsorship inventory that is trackable through the FanSaves backend dashboard.

Their product is unique in that it offers partners a true turn-key perk that can be added to their membership benefits, while being fully integratable into team websites and mobile apps. This allows FanSaves partners to drive fan traffic back to their own digital assets, helping drive engagement all year round.

As unique as the innovation that Kris is driving at FanSaves is, his journey into the startup space is just as interesting. Before entering the startup game, Kris spent seven years playing minor professional hockey while winning two championships before transitioning into the front office, serving as the Director of Sales for two minor professional hockey teams back in 2017.

Needless to say, he’s had a view into the world of professional sports from almost all angles, and I can’t wait to pick his brain about what’s in store for Kris, FanSaves and his take on the larger startup ecosystem as we dive headlong into 2024.

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"Scrappy Founders" with Kris McCarthy of FanSaves

"Scrappy Founders" with Kris McCarthy of FanSaves

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