DiscoverNot Ready For Rhyme Time"Sort" of Christmas In Summer- Ep. 3- Edited
"Sort" of Christmas In Summer- Ep. 3- Edited

"Sort" of Christmas In Summer- Ep. 3- Edited

Update: 2018-07-082


Time Stamp Episode 3
0:47 Every Morning Routine by Tyler Caine
2:40 Snow Show by Aaron Lee
3:51 Twas the Endless Christmas Season by Joseph S. Pete
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6:34 Winter in June by Ella Poole

7:39 Untitled by Cindi Maciolek


8:34 ** Castor’s Choice ** "Lots of love" by littlebird_writes
littlebird_writes on Instagram

9:15** Castor’s Choice** Tears of Tomorrow by AmberDeBettencourt

Short Story Section

10:12 Mary, Martha, and Grandma Ruth - A parable with Potato Soup By Kathy 'KC' Claud

18:13 Najiyah’s Summer Christmas by Ashley Coot

30:41 #7 in a series of nostalgic memories titled Scrapbook by Jamie Dill

32:03 Ooh, Burn! A Supernatural Fanfiction on Archives of Our Own By Sweetie_T

34:19 Last Life A Zelda Fanfiction on By: SmashMaster9000

43:20 Marley's Motive A Christmas Carol Fanfiction on
By: Restlessdreamsfromsilenthill

Fanfiction Series

54:20 Infected Chapter 3 by Taylor Woodland A Naruto Fanfiction

1:01:29 Fierce and Fabulous: Chapter 3 & Final Chapter by ThScribe22 A Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction on
In Channel
Wing Walker (The Swooning Moon Saga 1)  by MT Finnberg
After Alliance bombings, Swooning Moon is in ruins. Only the megalopolis Capitol survives under its blue dome. Among thousands of broken-down amusement parks, dragon catchers raid the air, and gangs of youth, 'wing walkers', look for magical items to sell for a few coins. Eighteen-year-old Cassie just joined the scavengers. Heartbroken after losing her best friend in an accident, she can focus on one thing only: dragons can alter reality. All she needs is a sage dragon...Singing at the dragon opera, she has seen first hand what sages can do. The wilderness is harsh, but she finds an ally in Jay Tachebana, the son of the most affluent mobster, who flies around in samurai attire in his father’s billion-dollar racer craft, finding dragons for rich buyers. Cassie has never felt more conflicted about anyone in her life than this dragon catcher with the kindest eyes in the world. At the opera, dragons are treated wonderfully well—is this what it’s like behind the scenes?The Dragauria marshlands emanate original magic from the times before the planet was terraformed, and things are not always what they seem. The only thing keeping her from losing herself entirely in her sorrow and the ancient magic is Jay’s patience. In search of the oldest dragons, Cassie and Jay venture deep into uncharted grounds and discover there’s a good reason for the spells enclosing the planet's magical core under a shield...because underneath, something is awakening.
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"Sort" of Christmas In Summer- Ep. 3- Edited

"Sort" of Christmas In Summer- Ep. 3- Edited