"The Gratitude Session"

"The Gratitude Session"

Update: 2020-10-09


Happy Thanksgiving!

This week's session is fittingly dedicated to giving thanks and expressing gratitude.  Why is it important to have a gratitude practice?  Well, the benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. Studies show that people who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems. So ya, we want all that;)

In order to start a gratitude practice we talk about the importance of "writing it down".  However, when starting this kind of journalling practice, we implore you...this is about Self-Assessment NOT Self-Judgement!  We like to say: "Stop messing with yourself and, instead, start assessing";) When we honestly and compassionately assess how we show up for ourselves each day, we eventually get to the bottom of our patterns and habits. 

The Expression Session's 4 Simple Journalling Prompts for Gratitude and Growth

Step #1: #Blessings - Ask yourself and notice what went right today! Include those small moments of gratitude.  Celebrate anything positive or anything you achieved...no matter how small.

Step #2: #Reflections - Assess what didn't go as expected and why? To be clear we DID NOT say "beat yourself up for what didn't go as planned"! Be neutral, objective and detached from negative emotions.  The more you know about your thinking and your patterns of behaviours the better! So simply ask: "I could have made today better by...?" 

Step #3: #Goals - Plan a couple of things for your next day.  NOT next month, next year...take life 'One Day at a Time'! Please be REALISTIC. The key is to make sure you will do what you SAY you will do! The goal is to STOP breaking promises to yourself. Write down: "Tomorrow I will...". *Remember, DO NOT put ANYTHING on this list that you know you will not do! The goal is to make tiny promises that are easy to keep.  We are building integrity with yourself here, not shooting for the moon;)

Step #4: #Inspiration - Know you're 'why'! Connect your motivation for doing things to your heart and get specific.  Sure we can all say we want to exercise because we want to "be healthy", but get more honest, dig deeper.  Yes healthy is good, but tap into your heart..."I want to exercise because I want to have the energy to play with my grandchildren, because I want to dance at my son's wedding, because I want to feel powerful and strong in my sexy body...go within to find your 'whys' and if you can VISUALIZE them even better!

Pick up a pen and give thanks this weekend! In this wild world we are currently living in we need to find small moments of gratitude and growth more than ever.  We promise, if you start writing them down, you'll spend the whole day looking for things for your list instead of being sucked into the negative or the drama.  

Till next week,
Amy & Emma









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"The Gratitude Session"

"The Gratitude Session"

Emma and Amy