"The Renovation Session"

"The Renovation Session"

Update: 2021-03-19


This week we are chatting in detail about the emotional journey one may go through when going through a home renovation. Emma has always had "home decor" as a major form of her self expression. From watching her grandmother and then her mother own a small home decor shop in our community, to now owning her own online home decor shop. 

Currently she is renovating her 1973 bungalow into the home of her dreams with her husband but the lessons and journey has been so much greater than what is going on between the walls.

When embarking on a renovation be prepared for the WHOLE journey. The incredible obstacles, the ups and downs ... (as well as the financial and marital stress).

But also be prepared for opportunities that allow you to express yourself through your physical space. Be prepared to make 100 decisions a day that feel small but all add up to the vision you have for your home, or for yourself.

*hint* the renovation has more to do with renovating ourselves than renovating our space. 

This week we are releasing our first ever Expression Session DUO  - Yes! That means we have two new products for you to purchase to help you express yourself through your home!

We have opened up our "Session Shop" and our home expression duo is the first up for grabs!

Want to purchase these gorgeous items before they're gone? Head on over to our brand new theexpressionsessions.com website and grab them before they are gone! 









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"The Renovation Session"

"The Renovation Session"