"The Written Session"

"The Written Session"

Update: 2021-03-05


ALL her life, Amy (co-host of The Expression Sessions) has been "writing" books.  Ghost books that no one would ever see.  She wrote her life, her pain, her joy, her transformations...but never shared any of it.  Secretly, she always wanted to be an "Author" but didn't know where to begin.  To compound that, she subconsciously felt and assumed that her words, her stories, weren't "worthy".  This is the trap, and the plight, of all of us who hide our light, passion, talent, and expression from the rest of the world.  Afraid of being too much, misunderstood, or worse yet...actually SEEN.  Our 'self-expression' sits in dusty bins in the corners of our basements.  It's time to burn that dust!

In this podcast we talk about 'Written Expression' and a co-authorship opportunity that not allowed Amy the opportunity of a lifetime, but deepened her commitment to this form of self-expression.  It is only the beginning.

The book, titled "5 Lessons Learned Through Motherhood",  is a collaborative book project authored by 33 individual writers and produced by LeadHer Publishing. This means, there are perspectives from unique and varied women, sharing their personal experiences and stories with raw vulnerability. These are real people, sharing their real experiences, and it has the ability to connect with you on such a deep level because you will see yourself in their voices.
There is something magical about women linking arms and tackling big goals. 5 Lessons is a beautiful compilation and one that includes something for everyone.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy here is the link or just DM us: 


Sample of a Five-Year Journal called "One Line a Day" - but there are LOTS of other options and price points!










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"The Written Session"

"The Written Session"