DiscoverAustralian Finance Podcast$10k share portfolio: 11 investment ideas in 2021
$10k share portfolio: 11 investment ideas in 2021

$10k share portfolio: 11 investment ideas in 2021

Update: 2021-05-31


Welcome to Shares Month on The Australian Finance Podcast! This month is all about how to analyse stocks like a Pro investment analyst.

In today's episode, we discuss our hypothetical $10,000 share portfolio ideas. Rask Invest analysts Owen, Cathryn, and Kevin, along with Kate, each identify 3 share and ETF ideas that they'd add to a hypothetical investment portfolio, along with the key opportunities and risks for each choice.

Editor's note: Owen says Soul Pattinson (SOL) owned Amcal when in fact they own part of Priceline Pharmacies via their Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries (API) investment. This was a mistake. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Episode transcript now available via the show notes page.

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Full individual disclosures for each guest are available via the show notes page. Owen, Kate, Cathryn, Kevin or The Rask Group Pty Ltd do NOT receive anything for mentioning Super funds, products, shares, bank accounts, etc.

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We don't like disclaimers but it's super important you understand these next two paragraphs. This episode of The Australian Finance Podcast contains general financial advice only, issued by The Rask Group Pty Ltd, the general information is NOT personal financial advice since it does not take into account your needs, goals or objectives. Therefore, you must speak with your financial adviser before acting on the information.

While we try to ensure the facts are correct at the time of recording, always remember that investing involves risk of permanent capital loss. You could invest in shares or ETFs and lose money. So, no matter what we say in the podcast, what we believe the future might look like or what our forecasts might suggest, this episode contains hypothetical investment ideas only. Any returns or performance cited is strictly hypothetical and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Please ensure your read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of any ETF or managed fund mentioned in this episode -- before you invest. Please refer to The Rask Group Pty Ltd's Financial Services Guide (FSG), available at, before investing.
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$10k share portfolio: 11 investment ideas in 2021

$10k share portfolio: 11 investment ideas in 2021

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