DiscoverSmart Money Circle$WBX - Wallbox Co-Founder and CEO, Enric Asuncion, Shares Timeless Advice
$WBX - Wallbox Co-Founder and CEO, Enric Asuncion, Shares Timeless Advice

$WBX - Wallbox Co-Founder and CEO, Enric Asuncion, Shares Timeless Advice

Update: 2023-06-12



Stock: $WBX


Enric is a passionate, results-driven leader who brings more than a decade of experience working in the energy industry to his
role as CoFounder and CEO at Wallbox (NYSE:WBX), a global leader of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions worldwide. 


Enric co-founded Wallbox with Eduard Castaneda in 2015 after realizing there was a huge and crucial gap in the market, home charging. Prior to founding Wallbox, Enric was the Program Manager for Charging Installations at TESLA Motors in Europe (Amsterdam). His main responsibility was ensuring that customers always had the best charging solution to charge at home and at the workplace.


Enric has built Wallbox’s global brand, business and team from the ground up. In 2015, Enric and Eduard designed their first charger, Commander, which would be the first of many state-of-the-art innovations that would propel the company’s overall growth in the EV charging and energy management space. These sleeker, smarter and simpler charging and energy management solutions have become increasingly relevant at a time when consumers, enterprises and governments are realizing that the new reality for mobility is electric.   

Under Enric’s leadership, Wallbox has achieved many operational and product milestones. In 2021, the company became the first Spanish tech company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Wallbox has grown to over 1,250 employees in Europe, APAC and the Americas and has products available in over 113 countries. Enric has been instrumental in forging key partnerships that have made a huge impact on the company’s growth including Nissan, Uber, Fisker, Polaris, Best Buy, NAPA Auto Parts, Iberdrola, SunPower and more. The company opened its first North American manufacturing facility in Texas in late 2022.


Wallbox has accomplished so much under Enric’s leadership and has grown from a home EV charging company into a global leader in EV charging that develops state of the art technology for home, business and public charging as well as the energy management solutions that allow users to live more sustainably. Wallbox debuted Quasar 2 at CES 2022, the second generation of the world’s first bidirectional charger for the home. This capstone achievement resulted in “Best of CES” in major news outlets. Wallbox’s future global growth will continue to be driven through product innovation in both hardware
and software. The company also recently announced Supernova 180, its DC hyper-fast-charger that will begin shipping in Q4 of this year.   

Enric has done an outstanding job maintaining a culture based on commitment, excellence, innovation, passion and self-demand.
He has made sustainability a global priority and showed Wallbox’s commitment by announcing its goal to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions across its global footprint by 2030. 


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$WBX - Wallbox Co-Founder and CEO, Enric Asuncion, Shares Timeless Advice

$WBX - Wallbox Co-Founder and CEO, Enric Asuncion, Shares Timeless Advice

Adam Sarhan