DiscoverThe Showrunner[120] 3 Steps for Creating Your Inner Character
[120] 3 Steps for Creating Your Inner Character

[120] 3 Steps for Creating Your Inner Character

Update: 2018-06-20


When that green or red light is on, and words are being recorded, you are performing for your audience.

Which can be tricky, because when we use a word like “performing,” it can suggest that we are putting on a front, or that we are somehow being fake. This isn’t the case — at least, it’s not the case if the foundation of your show is an authentic connection with your topic and your audience.

The performance is about channeling all of your energy and attention into delivering useful content to your audience. For those five or fifteen or fifty minutes that you’re recording, it’s about stripping everything else away and being 100% focused and consumed with being present for your audience. Just like an actor does in front of a camera. Just like a musician does on a stage.

So yes — you can be authentic and still be delivering a performance for your audience. In fact, delivering a focused performance is the only way to truly be authentic for your audience.

And thinking about showrunning as a performance can have another benefit as well. If we have a character who we become for each show that we host — a character based on an authentic part of ourselves — this can also help us bring the kind of consistent focus and energy that we need to sustain our ability to provide consistent usefulness over time.

Which brings us to this week’s topic: how do you create your inner character as a showrunner?

It’s a 3-step process:

• Arranging the ELEMENTS of your inner character — the backstory, the character flaws, and the polarity
• Choosing the IDENTITY you are going to assume for that particular performance — whether it be The Leader, The Adventurer, or The Reporter
• Following the STORYLINE that best fits the subject matter you’re discussing and identity you’re assuming — from Loss and Redemption to Us versus Them, and many others

We break that entire process down in depth.

Then make sure you stick around after the outro, as we’ve included some bonus material from the live broadcast. You’ll hear us discuss:

• The pros and cons of using scripts for certain elements of the show
• Jonny’s idea for what he wants to try moving forward
• Answers to Bob’s questions about how we record backups and whether we batch record episodes.

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[120] 3 Steps for Creating Your Inner Character

[120] 3 Steps for Creating Your Inner Character

Jerod Morris & Jon Nastor