DiscoverThe Showrunner[130] 23+ Ways to Earn Profit From Your Podcast
[130] 23+ Ways to Earn Profit From Your Podcast

[130] 23+ Ways to Earn Profit From Your Podcast

Update: 2018-08-29


This week, we talk about how you can earn a profit from your podcast.

Some of the methods we discuss are about how to earn money from your podcast. Other methods that we discuss have nothing to do with money at all. But they all fall under the umbrella of podcast profitability — and we explain how.

Your challenge as you listen is to identify at least one method you aren’t currently using and figure out how you can incorporate it into your podcast profitability mix.

Among the topics we discuss:

• How we define “profitability” for podcasting
• The differences between direct, indirect, and intrinsic (better described as intangible?) profitability
• 6 ways to earn direct profit from your podcast — including sponsorships, listener support, and … charging GUESTS? (WHAT!?)
• 11 ways to earn indirect profit from your podcast — including lead generation, networking, and building an audience to sell them stuff
• 6 ways to earn intrinsic profit from your podcast — including perks, fellowship, and ego gratification

And so much more.

We also answer some questions from live viewers:

• How much of the pre-selling of a sponsorship should be done on your website? Or do you make your customized pitch to their face?
• How do you get social media followers to actually become listeners?
• What is the lag time between regularly publishing your podcast and monetizing it?

We really jam a lot into this episode. But the most important thing is that you consider the challenge we lay out at the beginning, take it to heart, and follow through on it.

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[130] 23+ Ways to Earn Profit From Your Podcast

[130] 23+ Ways to Earn Profit From Your Podcast

Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor