DiscoverEmpowerHER[BONUS] A little REMIX on, “EASY Robs you of PROUD”
[BONUS] A little REMIX on, “EASY Robs you of PROUD”

[BONUS] A little REMIX on, “EASY Robs you of PROUD”

Update: 2021-07-30


Today we’re talking about doing the hard thing because on the other side of that is DEEP pride hints the name “EASY robs you of PROUD”... but we’re doing a REMIX on this idea, because I want you to feel PROUD & challenge yourself in away that makes sense for you right at this moment. I can’t wait to hear what you think of this little perspective tweak! As mentioned in this episode: Our SPONSOR of today’s podcast ORGANIFI!

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My personal favs right now while traveling: their green juice, protein (both chocolate & vanilla) & immunity! 

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[BONUS] A little REMIX on, “EASY Robs you of PROUD”

[BONUS] A little REMIX on, “EASY Robs you of PROUD”

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