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[MMM11] Network Marketing - Overcoming Fear

[MMM11] Network Marketing - Overcoming Fear

Update: 2020-11-23


A better concept for Overcoming Fear is pushing past fear. Fears never completely go away. Some do, in certain areas. Practice and repetition create this.


In order to get there, though, we must push past those fears. We must learn to “Do it Scared.”


We can do tough things. The hard things. I can, and so can you.


The challenge is that your brain is stuck in primitive mode. At least the part of your brain that is running the show, typically.


That part of your brain says - no, don’t do that. It might be uncomfortable. It might be unpleasant. It might bring up feelings and emotions, and do you really want to go there?


This is where you take charge. You pay attention. You become aware. You do your daily thought downloads. You do them multiple times a day if you find yourself getting stuck. You stop, and write down your thoughts. And, you practice some tough love on yourself.

Are your fears true, or real? Right now, Are they happening? Is it something from the past? Or something you are projecting into the future?

Will you allow these fears to stop you from what you really want?

Which scares you more? The fears from the past or what ifs? Or the fear you’ll stay stuck and live a mediocre existence, far from what you want, forever?

Something to think about and decide about.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at









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[MMM11] Network Marketing - Overcoming Fear

[MMM11] Network Marketing - Overcoming Fear

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