DiscoverNetwork Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth[MMM20] Where Do You Find Prospects Who Are In The Looking Zone?
[MMM20] Where Do You Find Prospects Who Are In The Looking Zone?

[MMM20] Where Do You Find Prospects Who Are In The Looking Zone?

Update: 2021-01-25


How do I find people for my Network Marketing business? How do I share what I am doing in a way that feels authentic and not "salesy?"

These are two questions I had myself; and now have answered for decades! 

My short answer - you don't find them; you let them find YOU.

And, here is how!

In 1999, after attending an internet seminar, I saw some genuine potential in using online methods as a tool to "reverse roles" and allow those people who were interested in a home business to find me, and let me know they wanted to know more. 

So, I decided to give this “Internet thingie” a go, and build a web presence, and ultimately a business online. 

Lots of people lined up to tell me I was crazy; I wouldn’t be successful; it couldn’t be done. I calmly put my blinders and ear muffs on and got busy proving them wrong. 

Once I was successful, people started saying I got “lucky” because I had an early start; that it was easier “back then.”

Then, I was asked what I would do if the internet went away; how would I stay in business.

“Easy! All the skills I learned offline are the same concepts I use online; so I would just go back to doing that.”

 Today, right now, a better question is -

 How will your business survive if real life went away…. 

Kind of like it seems to be doing right now…. 

We are in a unique time in the world, as more people than ever, globally are looking for the peace of mind that a business from home can provide. What’s trending right now on Google Search?

Home based business, work from home; great home biz; how do I work from home; what's a good home business?

People are scared and looking for solutions, in a way they never did before. Many are struggling with job loss, health concerns, they need flexibility , kids are home and need home schooled. And, more.

This is why I believe that now is the perfect time to build your business, and attract those who are interested. You can launch or relaunch your business.

Social media has become the greatest tool ever to attract this audience, and it is also highly competitive. It's important to understand and remember that nobody comes to social media with their credit card out, ready to buy something or start a new business.

 It doesn’t mean they won’t. But, you must be intentional and have a plan to be effective online. Otherwise, you turn off the very people who could be interested and whom you could help.

Do you have a plan? If not, let’s talk.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Contact me at









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[MMM20] Where Do You Find Prospects Who Are In The Looking Zone?

[MMM20] Where Do You Find Prospects Who Are In The Looking Zone?

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