DiscoverNetwork Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth[MMM22] Hustle and Hard Work - is it essential to Success?
[MMM22] Hustle and Hard Work - is it essential to Success?

[MMM22] Hustle and Hard Work - is it essential to Success?

Update: 2021-02-08


Which would you prefer to have in your business, or rather which one sounds more fun…like something you would commit to and stick to:


Hustle and Hard work, or Ease,,,,flow….effortless and elegant.


Hustle and hard work are typically how we feel when we are doing something out of synch with our natural rhythm.


Easily, elegantly, and effortlessly, in the flow of life and calm sounds a lot better.


And, as someone who has worked my business from both angles, I can tell you that the latter is much more fun, lucrative and enticing to others.


Hustle and hard work lead to burn out.


Network Marketing is a volunteer business, and no one wants to volunteer for hard.


When you don’t wake up each day with a clear, understandable plan of what you need to do to move your business forward, that leaves most with a lack of confidence.

You run out of people to talk to.

No one responds to your social media posts.

Doing constant “challenges” put you in hustle mode. And the feeling is graspy and desperate. You may know what I am talking about.

Always on your phone, up late nights, family is sick of it.

The most important skill you can learn is good communication with others. This does not mean talking AT them. Constantly talking about your product is talking AT people.

And, they tune out and don’t hear you.

What if you could learn a more sustainable and duplicable way to build your business? How to be efficient and effective, so you don’t feel panicked at the beginning and the end of each month?

If You haven't been taught the psychology of sales and marketing, it’s no wonder you are struggling.

Ready to learn?

I teach  the exact tools that keep you moving forward in your business; and keep you out of the struggle of doing HOURS of tasks that don't actually make you money or create growth and income.

Your first step to learn this - - let’s start there.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at









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[MMM22] Hustle and Hard Work - is it essential to Success?

[MMM22] Hustle and Hard Work - is it essential to Success?

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