DiscoverOn Health[Replay] Adaptogens & Burnout
[Replay] Adaptogens & Burnout

[Replay] Adaptogens & Burnout

Update: 2024-04-24


I've been wanting to share this episode with you for awhile, so I finally dusted off the archives and here it is. The sound quality is not as sharp as our more recent episodes - our production values have definitely improved - but I'm certain you'll find it timely and useful.

Despite increased attention on the dangers of burnout, recent surveys report that a majority of the population across many countries report feeling burned out. This epidemic of overwhelm has a profound impact, especially on women.

In this episode, we dive into the world of adaptogens, remarkable herbs that help prevent and reverse the effects of stress and burnout. Discover how they work and which ones are best suited if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

What you will learn:

  • The physical and mental symptoms of burnout
  • Historical background of adaptogens
  • The role of adaptogens in regulating stress responses and supporting adrenal health
  • How adaptogens can be used to enhance physical health and mental well-being.
  • Choosing the right adaptogens
  • Detailed profiles of calming and nourishing adaptogens
  • Understanding dosages and potential interactions of adaptogens

Adaptogens offer a powerful way to manage stress and recover from burnout, but they should be part of an integrative approach to health that includes proper self-care, nutrition, and rest. Tune in to learn how to harness the healing power of adaptogens to refill your energy reserves and enhance your life.

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[Replay] Adaptogens & Burnout

[Replay] Adaptogens & Burnout

Aviva Romm