[SSW400] The Good and Bad of Goal Setting

[SSW400] The Good and Bad of Goal Setting

Update: 2021-01-07


New year, new thoughts, new hopes and dreams. So, what is it about goals and goal setting that deserves our time and attention?


It’s human nature to always have hope, possibility, and expect the potential of what might be!


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I want to dive into goals, goal setting, the fears we have around this process, and what we really must know about goals.


One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn, on goals -


The true power and success in setting a goal is the transformation, growth and learning you accomplish on the way to achieving it.


The challenge with most goal setting is:


Random thought of what we want.


No true planning before.


No planning for actually achieving it.


And, 365 days stretching ahead of us.


The problem with this much time to achieve the goal:


We procrastinate.


We forget.


We get distracted.


We let fear settle in.


Last week, we picked one big STRETCH goal for 2021. Or, at least I did. Have you?


Here’s what most often happens once we select that goal.


We start out excited, feel anticipation, big expectations.


Then, our monkey mind throws open the door.


“Who do you think you are? You can’t possibly think you are capable of achieving that goal. Why would you even want to try?”


People will laugh.


You’ll Make a fool of yourself.


Just be happy with what you have.


Listen to hear a process to get you headed toward your goals.


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[SSW400] The Good and Bad of Goal Setting

[SSW400] The Good and Bad of Goal Setting

Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Skills, Direct Sales Social Media Strategist