[SSW408] Clubhouse for Network Marketers

[SSW408] Clubhouse for Network Marketers

Update: 2021-03-04


Are you in "Da House?" Clubhouse, that is! 

Let’s talk best practices for Network Marketers on clubhouse.

Shownotes - https://www.streetsmartwealth.com/blog/clubhouse-for-network-marketers

I have a new addiction. Yes, it’s clubhouse.

But, it’s more than an addiction because it is already monetizing.

New clients, lots of connections and conversation and I know more conversions are coming,

Better than that - I know more win wins are coming because I know I am able to help these struggling network marketers thrive on social selling without annoying family friends or strangers.

Let’s talk about Best Practices and the BASICS for Clubhouse - for Network Marketers

First, follow me - @jackieulmer

Yes, it's in BETA currently and Apple IOS only for now.

Android is coming, they have made that clear.

In this show we cover:

Why NOW is the time - First Mover Advantage, Early Adapters

Getting Started

Clubhouse Lingo and Language

Creating a Power Bio/Profile and what to include

Your Give and Your Ask

4 things we do on Clubhouse as Network Marketers -

Consume, Connect, Create, Collaborate

Connect Instagram and Twitter

Remember this - the POWER is in the smaller rooms - don’t get lost.

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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[SSW408] Clubhouse for Network Marketers

[SSW408] Clubhouse for Network Marketers

Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Skills, Direct Sales Social Media Strategist