[SSW415] Is Social Selling Hard?

[SSW415] Is Social Selling Hard?

Update: 2021-04-22


Is Social Selling Hard? That’s just a thought, and here is my answer to it after being asked this in my Street Smart Wealth Academy.

Do you consider it to be easy, or challenging?

Show notes: https://www.streetsmartwealth.com/blog/is-social-selling-hard

It can be time consuming, for sure. I'm here, 21 years later after taking my business online and it WAS time consuming to learn it. To master it.

And, ALL of that is just a thought. It will be time consuming for some, and snap of the fingers for others. It's a choice, in other words.

I was old school, too, and I was SICK of old school. I made the decision and committed to learning this new skill set and it totally changed my life. It's what I wanted and what I was seeking.

I was tired of:

Family Friends/Warm Market

Mall Walking

Business Cards on Windshields

Talking to “everyone” - waiters and such

Buying leads

Networking groups - I had small kids!

I wanted to become the hunted not the hunter .

I wanted simple systems for follow up and sharing my business

Time freedom - build while I sleep

Leverage - how could I make my time create more impact?

To do what I enjoy - writing, sharing, speaking and educating and inspiring.

Content marketing - this excites me and scares some

I had run out of other ways to market my business; ways that I would actually do, because I said NO to many.

The internet offered so much possibility! I grabbed hold and haven't let go!

My thought was, and still is this - time is going to pass, so why not invest it in an asset for myself and my business.

Hey, if you like what you are hearing and learning on the podcast, you really should check out the Street Smart Wealth Academy. We take your mindset, your messaging and your marketing, package it into a complete business action plan and a radical shift for you, and the way you think and act in your business.

And, it’s guaranteed. Do the work, get the results, or get your money back.

What could be better than that?

Learn more at http://StreetSmartWealthAcademy.com

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[SSW415] Is Social Selling Hard?

[SSW415] Is Social Selling Hard?

Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Skills, Direct Sales Social Selling Strategist