DiscoverNetwork Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth[SSW418] Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social
[SSW418] Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

[SSW418] Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

Update: 2021-05-13


Are you struggling to monetize your time on Social Media? To sign new clients and team partners? This show is for you!

Show Notes:

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a top earning, award winning expert, helping Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.

I’ve sold products and services, and built teams in over 40 countries without leaving my home. If this gal can do it, with no formal training to begin with, so can you.

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You’ll have access to my 9 part email series that created a million dollar business, and I’ll walk you right through how to use it to create everything you need on Social Media!

Maybe you are like many, suffering from "Stare, Compare and Despair" when you try to figure out what to say or post on Social, or to introduce yourself?

How do you engage people?

How do you know “who” you are speaking to, even?

Why is it so much easier for some people? They seem to sell all day on Social, hitting the leader boards and growing like a weed…

Good Sales...Solid Sales...Ongoing Sales happens through GOOD COMMUNICATION!

Learn Sales Psychology, Emotional Language, Call to Action and how to construct your content to attract and sell!

So, let’s dive into the struggle most have, and the solution.

For starters, most people don’t view their time on social media the same way they go about business offline.

DMs, Status updates - stuff you would never do at BBQ

So, why do it on Social?

You’ve heard -  Stories Sell, facts just tell.

People ignore useless information, which is one reason why facts don’t sell.

People buy from emotion. From feeling.

How do you feel about your story? Writing it down? Sharing it? turning it into bits of content that you can use over and over again, and never stutter, stumble or fall because it is your story.

It will become your primary Personal and Marketing Manifesto for social media posts and content, blog posts, email messages, your About pages and profiles - literally everything.

We all have a story.

We all have a story that matters.

I know, I know - you think yours doesn’t matter, it’s too boring or bland. But, it’s not. I promise. Within it contains nuggets of gold that will land on the perfect set of ears at the perfect time - your Ideal Client.

We all have a story that will bond our tribe to us, lead them, and give them permission to believe in themselves.

And, we all have a tribe - someone similar to us.

Even your story of starting your business. You’ve probably heard mine -

My Negative MLM Blueprint.

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What could be better than that?

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[SSW418] Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

[SSW418] Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Skills, Direct Sales Social Selling Strategist