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‘Who Replaces Me?’

‘Who Replaces Me?’

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This episode contains strong language.

As a police officer in his hometown of Flint, Mich., Scott Watson has worked to become a pillar of the community, believing his identity has placed him in a unique position to do his job. He has given out his cellphone number, driven students to prom and provided food and money to those who were hungry.

After watching the video of the killing of George Floyd, his identity as a Black police officer became a source of self-consciousness instead of pride.

Today, we speak to Mr. Watson about his career and the internal conflicts that have arisen from his role.

Guest: Scott Watson, a Black police officer in Flint, Mich. 

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Comments (4)

Clinton from Roraima.

I,m a african south american that live in Brazil. Thank to Daily for this interview. Brazil need me and i will make a different here also!

Sep 3rd

Melissa L

Dear Scott, I wish the world was filled with more people like you. I believe your story will inspire others to rise to a higher level. Thank you for sharing.

Aug 31st

Alex Mercedes

another excellent episode. Watson is as baffled as anyone about how to reform current law enforcement. America has been reforming law enforcement for as long as I can remember. reform is clearly not working. maybe it couldn't hurt to listen to what protestors and activists are proposing. maybe instead of standing fierce at the so-called thin blue line, imposing curfews and shouting through megaphones, it is time to sit down and collaborate in good faith with all concerned, on how best to protect and serve communities.

Aug 31st

Steve Davis

Scott Watson don't give up. Keep telling your story. I will keep listening Stories like this. I am tired on Politicians, News people trying to tell me what to think. I was more impacted when I heard your story then listening to a news commentators. Thanks you to the #TheDaily for putting this together.

Aug 31st








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‘Who Replaces Me?’

‘Who Replaces Me?’