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“1600 Covid Ave.”

“1600 Covid Ave.”

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The White House’s robust testing and contact tracing program finds two cases inside the West Wing, Attorney General Bill Barr drops the charges against one of the President's convicted criminal friends, Barack Obama speaks out, and Trump falsely accuses California Democrats of rigging an election by allowing more people to vote. Then New Yorker writer Patrick Radden Keefe talks to Tommy about his new Crooked podcast Wind of Change, and CNN’s Harry Enten weighs in on the latest polling and the 2020 Senate map.

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Jonathan Sykes


May 12th

John Moore

Less anger and more sadness, that's what I feel today. The time to rebuke the FBI for what they did is quickly passing us by. They doctored, withheld, and lost evidence. They used blackmail. They hid backroom deals. They violated rules, protocols, and LAWS. You don't do that to another human being, not in a United States court of law. You think he's guilty of all those other allegations? Fine, investigate that stuff. If the evidence exists, if he just DESERVES to be in jail, find the evidence and present it in court. That's how the American legal system works. This is either gonna be precedent for how we allow certain people to be destroyed because of how we feel politically, or its gonna be the example of what not to do with the trust and respect of the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet. It's gonna be us who makes that decision, and right now I'm sad because we don't even care. Political victories of the day matter more than what can actually be done to ANY of us if a few people in the right place think they're giving us what we deserve. I'm next. You're next. Your loved ones are next. You get what you fucking deserve.

May 11th
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“1600 Covid Ave.”

“1600 Covid Ave.”

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