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“50 Days to Joe.”

“50 Days to Joe.”

Update: 2020-09-1427


Trump finishes his weekend of superspreader rallies with a trip to California amid a climate disaster he thinks is a hoax, Mike Bloomberg says he’ll spend at least $100 million in Florida to help Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders urges Biden to talk more about his economic agenda with young and Latino voters. Then Reverend Greg Lewis talks to Tommy about Wisconsin’s Souls to the Polls initiative, which is aimed at making sure everyone in the state can vote.

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Atradies Inc.

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Sep 24th


More disingenuous analysis in this episode. Topical Republicans are evil they want burn your house and they fight dirty but we want to save you and we don't fight dirty, but because our opponents do we need to start fighting dirty. When you cast your opponents as evil you can use that to justify any action you take to stop them because after all they're evil! Slowly turning the temperature up so don't be surprised when it finally comes to a boil. Greg Lewis said the dumbest thing he'd heard is they tried to rig election but still lost, well he must not have listened to his own words because suggesting that people won't have the opportunity to vote in November is way more dumb than that. Terrible analysis on the wildfires in California too. They blame federal land management on Trump, who has only been in office 4 years, when all land has been mismanaged for decades. Did they really expect him to have all federal lands cleaned up on 4 years worth of time and budgets after it hadn't been done in any of the previous years? People are fleeing California in record numbers and it's not because of the federal government's control of the state.

Sep 16th








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“50 Days to Joe.”

“50 Days to Joe.”

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