DiscoverPod Save America“A little noise from Iran.”
“A little noise from Iran.”

“A little noise from Iran.”

Update: 2020-01-0632


Trump starts a new conflict in the Middle East by assassinating an Iranian general, John Bolton says he’s willing to testify in the Senate impeachment trial, and the primary is too close to call with less than 30 days until Iowa. Then Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) talks to Tommy about what Congress can do to restrain Trump’s actions towards Iran.

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At a Warren Town Hall I attended, yesterday in Davenport, IA, the Iran topic wasn't even mentioned at all. I was shocked and actually planned to ask her about it but didn't get a chance.

Jan 7th
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John Moore

I'm ashamed. This is the second known proven terrorist leader in a few months that's been taken out, and the response both times has been a wild mix of apologies, doomsday prophecies, and disturbing and disgusting puff pieces. This is simply too much, and when the experts who were so wrong before are wrong again, no one's going to own up or apologize for this behavior, and you'll all forget about this. Donald Trump didn't see a report on tv and randomly say "kill this guy cuz I'm mad. Our intelligence, our military, professional, experienced, reliable individuals tracked, targeted, and killed a known threat to the peace and stability of the region, probably months of work by our best and brightest. I can't wait for Trump to be out of office, not because I give a shit about who's the president, but because I hope you folks can just get back to normal, ya know? Actually opposing people who kill our troops and innocent muslims, or actually being supportive of our hardworking military and content with bringing murderous extremists to justice.

Jan 7th
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PJ Simon

hey goofball. what is 2000? 2010? aren't those the year zero?

Jan 6th
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“A little noise from Iran.”

“A little noise from Iran.”

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