DiscoverSecond in Command: A Veep Rewatch“Baseball” (S1E6) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim
“Baseball” (S1E6) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

“Baseball” (S1E6) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

Update: 2021-11-16


Thanks for tuning into another episode where Matt and Tim rewatch and recap Episode 6: “Baseball”

SYNOPSIS: Selina hosts a conference to promote healthy eating at Baltimore's Camden Yards baseball park, but her pitch is balked at by some foul-tempered fast-food executives. Meanwhile, Mike holds a press briefing for local reporters; and Amy and Dan do their best to entertain students at an elementary school before the vice president arrives. Selina discovers she is pregnant.

Matt and Tim talk about their experience filming at the Baltimore Orioles’ stadium and a little bit of human drama that followed.

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“Baseball” (S1E6) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

“Baseball” (S1E6) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

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