DiscoverPod Save America“Bernie is my friend.” (Debate recap special!)
“Bernie is my friend.” (Debate recap special!)

“Bernie is my friend.” (Debate recap special!)

Update: 2020-01-1628


Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan talk about Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and the final Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses, hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register in Des Moines. 

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Lauren Chemplavil

I want to go to the live event here in Charlotte on 8/23... but it's the night before the RNC starts (which I'm sure it's on purpose). It's gonna make getting into uptown Charlotte a freaking nightmare (just like it was during the DNC in 2012). Wish this were a week earlier!

Jan 21st

Michelle McCurdy

I really respected Warren until what she did to Bernie - she basically chose to slander his character for her own gain. What does that say about her character? How can we expect her to stand up for the American people if she won't even defend her friends? What she accused Bernie of is in no way consistent with his platform, his personal or political history - it was clearly a misunderstanding and the fact that she decided to let the accusation stand really hurts.

Jan 18th
Reply (2)

Jason McIntyre

it's totally illogical to drop a "oh did you know this guy is sexist bomb" when the group of candidates gets smaller and Bernie is starting to lead in the polls are you kidding me guys you truly don't see a incentive. look I enjoy this podcast but for there to be four of you on here and nobody sees this is unbelievable and it feels disingenuous

Jan 16th
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“Bernie is my friend.” (Debate recap special!)

“Bernie is my friend.” (Debate recap special!)

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