DiscoverPod Save America“Fighting words in Des Moines.”
“Fighting words in Des Moines.”

“Fighting words in Des Moines.”

Update: 2019-11-0426


The House prepares for the public phase of impeachment, Republicans move towards a defense of foreign interference, and the Democratic candidates make their best case to Iowa voters as the race gets incredibly close. Then Brian Beutler talks to Jon F. about Crooked Media’s new podcast on the impeachment process, Rubicon.

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Alex Mercedes

to Lovett's rhetorical question: could it be that Biden doesn't actually want to be president? maybe he's running because a lot of other folks think he should?

Nov 7th
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Venice Lockjaw

man Kamala Harris is really going all-in on the identity politics ticket. she's going to offer 0 structural changes for income inequality, Wall Street reform, foreign policy. and the suckers going to fall for it

Nov 6th

Christina Delarosa

I love how they always disregard Yangs campaign. From what I saw and read he had a decent amount of support there.

Nov 5th

John Moore

At some point THIS impeachment process will either fall flat, or worse, fall on deaf ears. If you want this to work, its gonna take real tangible evidence. Everything, every single accusation of criminality has fallen into the deep dark tiger trap of opinion. "Stormy Daniels was just another NDA in a long history of NDAs, there's no conclusive collusion in the Mueller report, the obstruction allegations were mostly about Trump just saying things, no one has ever been convicted of emoluments wrongdoing, the Ukrain phone call was equivalent to many instances of foreign policy pressure." This is the river you have to swim upstream against, and do not discount how many people either believe it, or just want more information before they can take a side. Measuring intent is not gonna work, we can't expect people to read minds, it's too murky for people to feel comfortable with the idea of getting rid of a president. My opinion doesn't matter, your opinion doesn't matter. Tangible evidence is gonna decide this, intent is just going to keep us staunchly committed to our sides, or lack thereof.

Nov 5th
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“Fighting words in Des Moines.”

“Fighting words in Des Moines.”

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