DiscoverPod Save America“Joe, put your records on.” (Debate recap special!)
“Joe, put your records on.” (Debate recap special!)

“Joe, put your records on.” (Debate recap special!)

Update: 2019-09-1634


Jon, Tommy, and Dan break down the highlights, lowlights, and weird jokes from the third Democratic primary debate hosted by ABC in Houston, Texas.

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Sara Gunderson

Sigh. White guys defending a white guy. Quit trying to tell us what Biden meant. What Biden meant is irrelevant. What Biden said was buy-in, and Castro was responding to what Biden SAID.

Sep 20th

Philly Burbs

we have lowered our standards so much that the media refuses to see what is in front of their faces. you will never see the Biden of 2008 again. trauma can bring on dementia. his son died. watch debate 1. read the transcripts & pretend you don't know who the candidates are. ask a doctor. ask your grandmother for Christ sakes. The sooner he bows out the sooner the real candidates will emerge. I'm so sorry to be blunt it's just that it breaks my heart to see him like that. and Trump is going to wipe the floor with him, he needs to gracefully sell out now, some illness. he should be enjoying his retirement and be respected as an elder Statesman, this is awful to watch.

Sep 15th

fresh mannn

I believe Andrew Yang should be President. He’s got the solutions, he’s very open and friendly and non partisan, he has key morals, and he has the best chance of beating Trump

Sep 15th

John Reed

Keep defending Biden you bunch of corporate whores. If all his corporate support puts him into position to take on tRump then tRump will be president again.

Sep 14th


🙄🙄🙄 Also the United States is not a democracy. It is a republic or representative democracy. Because of this it is not a simple majority rules. You have to have a super majority if you want to easily move things through. The system was designed to be slow or avoid change without a super majority. If these guys can't be trusted to correctly give us these most basic facts how are you supposed to trust them on anything else?!?!?

Sep 13th
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Wait.... Did they play a clip of Beto saying he'd take your guns, then they talked about how the NRA would unfairly say that Dems want to take your guns, and because of that they should take the most bold position which would be to ban and take your guns? They said people loved Beto in senate race because he took bold positions but in the senate race he didn't advocate for gun confiscation.

Sep 13th
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“Joe, put your records on.” (Debate recap special!)

“Joe, put your records on.” (Debate recap special!)

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