DiscoverPod Save America“Justice for George Floyd.”
“Justice for George Floyd.”

“Justice for George Floyd.”

Update: 2020-06-0138


George Floyd’s murder sparks nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism, Donald Trump responds by hiding in the White House and tweeting, and Joe Biden ventures out to meet with protesters and black community leaders. DeRay Mckesson joins to talk about what police reforms actually work, and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms talks to Jon F. about grappling with this crisis as a mayor and a mother.

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I found DeRay's "evidence" very weak and unconvincing. As usual, PSA hosts were pushovers with no useful questions or critical engagement. The conflation of "excessive force" and "racism" is very worrisome... as is the conflation of race and poverty... and every other time race is invoked as an inflammatory over-simplification. Accusations aren't evidence. Let's try to be serious about how we understand social issues and draft public policies.

Jun 14th
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James Cater

DeRay is a hack and his 8 that Can't Wait are innefectual, technocratic solutions that create obstacles to real substantive change like police abolition or defunding. Most of these things are already implemented in police departments, and they are proven to not make a shred of difference. police are a law unto themselves, that the mayor's of major cities are terrified of because they are a paramilitary force.

Jun 8th

Michelena Wolf

Don't equate Antifa with the anarchists who are out breaking windows and starting trouble because they hate any kind of unity or order. Please stop doing this! There is an important distinction you are failing to acknowledge. Antifa is acting from a very specific Anti Fascist perspective, so they are pushing back against the fascist-like behavior of the police (y'know, like the rest of us. turns out I'm Antifa! who knew?!), not just showing up and wreaking havoc on neighborhoods like the scared little white boys who keep getting caught breaking store windows and committing petty thefts. There is a vast difference. Pay attention.

Jun 2nd

Jonathan Sykes

starting to dislike unions? nice

Jun 2nd
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Jonathan Sykes


Jun 2nd








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“Justice for George Floyd.”

“Justice for George Floyd.”

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