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Trump tries to make the election about Barack Obama, Democrats come up short in a California special election, Joe Biden announces a set of policy unity task forces, and Democratic strategists offer his campaign plenty of advice. Then Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal talks to Jon about her Paycheck Guarantee Act and her role as the co-chair of Biden’s health care unity task force.

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What they failed to mention is nothing Flynn did was actually a crime. The incoming administration is expected to talk to foreign countries. The incoming administration is allowed to have different opinions on foreign relations. They practically admit it was a setup, put sanctions on Russia and then record conversations. How do we know Flynn didn't do anything wrong? Well the FBI declassified notes say they had already investigated Flynn and had found no wrongdoing and were about to close the case. As Peter Strzok said, only through their own incompetence were they lucky the case had not been officially closed yet. Handwriten FBI notes ask if the objective is to get him to lie so he can be prosecuted or fired. The FBI agents interviewing Flynn also said they don't think he lied. OH AND THEY DID NOT SIT THERE AND READ THE TRANSCRIPT OF THE CALL TO FLYNN IN THE MEETING BECAUSE COURT FILINGS STATE THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT DID NOT RELY ON SUCH RECORDINGS TO ESTABLISH FLYNN'S GUILT, AND THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE REFUSES TO TURN OVER TRANSCRIPTS EVEN AFTER BEING ORDERED TO BY A JUDGE AND CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED UNDER BRADY. Flynn was targeted because he opposed the Obama administration on things like the Iran deal and actively spoke out against the politicalization of the Intel agencies (just like the ones who targeted him)

May 15th
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Jonathan Sykes


May 15th


The most obnoxious part of this entire pandemic is propping up big business while the heart of the USA the working class has to beg for help. Just flat maddening I'm sick of it and too big to fail/corporate america is padded why not let them fail you set up the American working class to fail. They should choke like we are. I'm done listening to bits and very small pieces they are "putting in place" this is why folks are done with politicians they are not in reality. None of this would be as bad had the working class been paid a proper wage for the last 40 years.

May 15th
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