DiscoverPod Save America“RBG and the fight to come.”
“RBG and the fight to come.”

“RBG and the fight to come.”

Update: 2020-09-2145


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87 years old, setting up a nomination battle to fill her seat with just 43 days to go until the presidential election. Then Kate Kendell of Take Back the Court talks to Jon Lovett about the case for expanding the Supreme Court.

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It should be pretty telling when a group says we need our judges to be on a court so we can get certain legislation through, especially when the judges' job is supposed to be interpret the constitution. They're worried about the death of the bureaucratic state or the unelected officials that get to run our lives with regulations. Also the Supreme Court is systemically corrupt, but if we get to put our people on the court it won't be corrupt, it will be a beacon of human and environmental rights. The courts have been politicized by activist judges. That's the reason it's evil when we don't have control and good when we do have control. We've got to get back to the origins of the Supreme Court where law is not made from the bench.

Sep 23rd

Alex Mercedes

Kate Kendall is eloquent and persuasive. the court expansion project will be wise to make as much space as possible for her to speak publicly and then make sure everyone else has thoroughly integrated the framing she outlined in the interview. it is a solid, logical frame grounded by integrity and goodwill.

Sep 22nd
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“RBG and the fight to come.”

“RBG and the fight to come.”

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