DiscoverPod Save America“SCOTUS Gives Trump Notice.”
“SCOTUS Gives Trump Notice.”

“SCOTUS Gives Trump Notice.”

Update: 2020-07-0930


The Supreme Court rules on Native rights and Trump’s taxes, the President bullies schools to re-open, Joe Biden and progressive Democrats find common ground, and Kanye West flirts with a presidential bid. Oklahoma journalist Rebecca Nagle talks to Jon about the legal victory for tribal nations, and Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson talks to Dan about Facebook’s handling of hate speech and misinformation.

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Andi-Roo Libecap

I resent Trump saying that Dems want schools to stay closed due to some political agenda. If I was going that route - putting personal greed over community needs - I'd push for schools to open bc honestly it would be way better for my daughter to be back in school. But I'm not selfish. I recognize that my own personal situation doesn't represent my entire community. In general, it's best for everyone (teachers, parents, students, bus drivers, admin., etc) that schools don't open yet. Being an adult means you don't always put yourself first... and yeah, it fucking sucks. But that's how a thriving civilization works. And that's how Christianity is *supposed* tho work.

Jul 10th

Ryan Kennedy

"Joe Biden and progressive Democrats find common ground" no they didn't, they didn't at all. Sure, some of them are willing to vote for Joe because they want Trump out but almost every progressive person I know and see on social media refuses to settle for Joe and doesn't know what they're going to do in November. It's not just a couple policy differences or anything like that, they can't stand him as a person.

Jul 10th
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“SCOTUS Gives Trump Notice.”

“SCOTUS Gives Trump Notice.”

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