DiscoverPod Save America“Taliban sleepovers and midnight cat videos.”
“Taliban sleepovers and midnight cat videos.”

“Taliban sleepovers and midnight cat videos.”

Update: 2019-09-0930


The President cancels secret negotiations with the Taliban in between tweeting cat videos, the House investigates whether the Defense Department has been propping up Trump’s businesses, and Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders start to pull away from the pack. Then Ady Barkan talks to Jon F. about his new video series on health care and his new memoir, Eyes to the Wind, which you can get at

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ilike people1

you shouldn't get to use George Washington's picture. try lenin with earbuds. just workashopping

Sep 13th

John Moore

That one about the Air Force crews staying in Trump Resorts is kinda dicey. If you've been on a TDY with the Air Force you know that's not how it works. The TDM and the Group finance office decide what lodging accommodations we use based on availability and value, and our per diem rates are based on location and availability of government meal services like a DFAC or flight kitchen. If I were specifically ordered to exceed our spending limit at my own expense, I promise that you would never hear about it in the news. I would file a complaint with the AF Inspector General's office and it would be litigated through them, and I certainly wouldn't be allowed to pass on any of that information to the press. IDK, I question these sources.

Sep 13th

dok dicer

oh but Biden *is* the Trump in this race. Not only for the reason Lovett gave, but also for how grossly and obviously unfit for office he is. Even his avowed fanboys on PSA struggle to defend him on a more substantial basis than "Hmbut I like my Uncle Joe".

Sep 10th

Andi-Roo Libecap

I belong to several library systems, so I requested they all purchase Ady's audiobook from Overdrive. Can't wait to give it a listen, and hope I've helped others get a chance to read it as well!

Sep 10th
Reply (2)

Tatyana Noyb

Lovett. "..he's Mother Teresa of nursing his ego.." is brilliant. As well as, sadly, "improvisational authoritarianism"..

Sep 10th
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“Taliban sleepovers and midnight cat videos.”

“Taliban sleepovers and midnight cat videos.”

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