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“The Do Something Democrats.”

“The Do Something Democrats.”

Update: 2019-12-1237


Democrats are on the verge of voting to impeach Donald Trump and to approve his trade deal, Bernie Sanders is underestimated, Joe Biden contemplates serving one term, and Pete Buttigieg releases his McKinsey clients. Then Mike Isaac of the New York Times talks to Dan about Uber, Facebook, and tech industry culture.

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Pirate Tom

The idea of a president messaging that they will be a 1-term president doesnt make sense to me, especially in the primary stage. Beside the fact that (from a party line standpoint) incumbents have a better chance to be re-elected, it absolutely does show weakness in a system where the electorate values "stamina" and has begun to question older candidates' legitimacy for a 4+ year termed position as president. It doesnt matter who is on their cabinet or who their VP is, there is no guarantee that they will be good candidates using that as a jumping off point.

Dec 18th
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Sasha Anne Lyn

To speak of fear as anything but sheer dereliction of duty (and just basically pathetic) from Trump supporting constituents when evaluating Democratic leaders considering not voting for impeachment shows that these people are not leadership material. Life will go on and there are other jobs when so much more is at stake.

Dec 15th


I believe the reason they're having such a hard time weaponizing their truth is because the facts don't support their truth and that makes putting out a narrative difficult because eventually people start to see through the lies. They've pushed fake things like "a pee pee tape" and Russian collusion for years and maybe, just maybe, people are starting to wake up to those lies.

Dec 14th
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Jeff Heft

Dan is so right. the biggest problem we had in 2016, continue to have, and will continue to have in 2020, is Republicans have figured out that weaponizing information is the key to victory, and Democrats have NO IDEA how to effectively transmit their version of the truth.

Dec 13th
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“The Do Something Democrats.”

“The Do Something Democrats.”

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