DiscoverPod Save America“The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”
“The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

“The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

Update: 2020-07-2031


Donald Trump’s 40-minute interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace is perfection, the Administration is sending unidentified paramilitary troops to crack down on protesters in Portland, and America says goodbye to Congressman John Lewis and CT Vivian, two giants of the Civil Rights Movement. Then Voto Latino’s María Teresa Kumar talks to Tommy about organizing the Latino community ahead of November.

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John Moore

This is a joke. No one's being serious about anything anymore. It's worse than parody, because parody has the pretext of irony. Are there dead minorities as a result of these moronic "protests" or not? Ask the families of Italia Marie Kelley, David Dorn, Antonio Mays Jr. if these "protests" accomplished anything for preserving black lives. You want to complain about people being rounded up by unidentified federal officers? I want to complain about how the elders in the black inner cities can't walk down the street after the sun goes down, and their lack of access to essentials because all of the stores in their neighborhoods are looted and burned, never to return. I don't know who the fuck these people are, but they don't give a shit about black lives, not one fucking bit. They have a political movement that needs a nice, acceptable slogan and front, and what's a better slogan than "racism is bad"? I wanna hear about the conspiracy theories about infiltration by secret government assets in "peaceful protests" where people all seem to be on the same violent wavelength for some unrelated reason, because you know what stops a stupid plan like that? Going home, not being in a giant crowd, using the power of your votes and your relationships with the people in your own community to affect undeniable grass roots change from the ground up. I'm sick of pundits pretending that this bullshit is doing anything but making things worse.

Jul 21st
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Jonathan Sykes

4:40 let's get to the news

Jul 21st
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“The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

“The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

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