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“The Weakest Strongman.”

“The Weakest Strongman.”

Update: 2020-08-3136


Trump cheers on violent supporters in Kenosha and Portland, Joe Biden gives a speech in Pennsylvania condemning violence and Trump, Covid outbreaks on college campuses get worse, and the White House weighs a strategy of herd immunity and a quick vaccine. Then Obama pollster Cornell Belcher talks to Jon Lovett about the state of the race after both conventions.

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Still pretty crazy hearing them talk about mostly peaceful protests. They say this is Trump's America yet this violence is happening in democrat run cities. Trump offers help yet mayors decline and call him divisive before being forced to move or calling cops because the protestors are right outside their own door now. And they're now pushing fear for a vaccine that comes out under Trump. Companies have vowed to not release a vaccine unless they know it was safe yet they're still pushing the fear that a vaccine won't be safe if Trump pushes it. The irony is that will be the same vaccine available even if Biden is elected.

Sep 9th

Jonathan Sykes

Hearing the words "mostly peaceful protests" is starting to get old. You can be against far right violence and far left violence at the same time. Talking about the rise of far right wing violence while saying that there are just a couple bad actors that are antifa or anarchists is just a false truth. Whole towns and cities are being destroyed and Portland has been rioting for weeks. I don't believe that there are only a small number of bad actors. Violence and crime is wrong whether you have the same ideology or not.

Sep 1st
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Nervino Karas

The story pod save america is telling listeners is completely different than reality. It's gross.

Sep 1st
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Alex Mercedes

Belcher...thumbs down. repetitive commentary that didn't offer much new information or insight. I find I'm less and less interested in what pollsters have to say. statistics, now more than ever are only valuable when considered in the context of the entire social zeitgeist. Pepper-spray might be considered violent to a majority of people, for example, but a woman pepper-spraying an attacker would likely not be considered violence. context, history, circumstances, etc. influence what any set of data means.

Sep 1st
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“The Weakest Strongman.”

“The Weakest Strongman.”

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