DiscoverPod Save America“Trump’s Coup de Nah.”
“Trump’s Coup de Nah.”

“Trump’s Coup de Nah.”

Update: 2020-09-2436


Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, Democrats fight to overcome mail-in voting shenanigans, and Republicans make appeals to QAnon supporters. Then Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks to Jon about the Democratic strategy around the coming Supreme Court battle.

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This podcast has turned into a parody of itself. 1. Did no one hear the reporter say "win, lose, or draw"? Why would you agree to the peaceful transfer of power if you won? And why hasn't Joe Biden been asked that question even after we know he's hired a team of lawyers to contest the election, Hillary Clinton has said he shouldn't concede under any circumstance, and they've war gamed out the situation to a scenario where California seceded from the United States? 2. It's hilarious to hear them backtrack on mail in voting after all we've heard them talk about for the last few months is how people need to be able to mail in vote. It's like all of a sudden they've figured out the risks that everyone else has been talking about this entire time. That is all the risks EXCEPT the risk for fraud and ballot tampering which new cases just came out where ballots were found thrown in trash cans and another case where 4 election officials were arrested for a mail in voter fraud scheme. 3. More of the typical Republicans are bad, they don't have principles, they won't stand up and do the right thing, they're all hacks and a party of hacks. More of our opponent are evil so we can justify doing anything we have to do to stop them. Slowly turning up the temperature so don't be surprised when the pot finally comes to a boil. 4. Oh and Kavanaugh broke the norms. Nevermind all the people that were trotted out to call him a gang rapist who helped run a secret ring of gang rape parties and then provided no evidence to back the accusations. Nevermind all the people who said believe all victims and believe all women who then turn around and completely ignore a woman accusing Biden of sexual assault even though there was far more evidence of that then the Kavanaugh. Nevermind Kamala who basically called Biden a racist, said she believed his victim, but would still be happy to serve as his vp. 5. Oh yeah Donald Trump is stealing the election even though the federal government doesn't actually control any of the voting because it's up to the states. Doing things like having an accurate voting roll and knowing who actually casts a vote are bad things that no one who wanted to have faith in our elections would actually want to do!

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“Trump’s Coup de Nah.”

“Trump’s Coup de Nah.”

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