DiscoverPod Save America“Trump’s Recovery Summer.”
“Trump’s Recovery Summer.”

“Trump’s Recovery Summer.”

Update: 2020-07-0223


Trump celebrates another month of double-digit unemployment and rising Covid infections, and Dan and Jon answer your questions about reopening schools, the Lincoln Project, DC statehood, Supreme Court vacancies, Pod Save America dance-offs, and more. Then political message guru Anat Shenker-Osorio talks to Dan about 2020 campaign ads and the race-class narrative.

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Podcast Fanatic

I'm a huge fan of the show. That being said I think the whole $600 a week seems nuts to me. I work three jobs (about 75 hours a week) and my monthly take home doesn't come close to the $2800 dollars people are getting on top of their state unemployment. it seems unfathomable to me that I'm making less risking my life to work than people who are sitting at home. I get we can't just cut people off, but I'm working my ass off to make less.

Jul 6th
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Mrrrrr Chicago

100% agree about Lincoln Project ads.

Jul 5th

John Moore

Should have said "narrative" way more. Really emphasize that we're sculpting reality to match our personal perspective. I mean, that's what we're all doing, right? The experts from just a few weeks ago are all gone, dead from neglect. "Testing and tracing" has given us more information, but now all this great information is our new catalyst for panic? I'm curious about what effect this is going to have on the population at large, because personally, I don't want to hear a word about viruses after we've said next to nothing about viruses or mitigation for the past few weeks. Either the virus matters or it doesn't, you can't expect people to agree with you when the narrative matters more than be consistent on principles. Science is dead, data is dead, facts are dead. We have plenty of other policies to fight over, why play political games, move the goalposts, and gaslight with the one thing we ALL hate and want to eradicate? We can't celebrate our friends and neighbors going back to work? We can't be optimistic that the testing is finally up to snuff, so we can do real data analysis and fix out shitty models? We can't give a high five to our doctors and nurses, not to mention our researchers, for working their asses off and bringing the death rates down even as cases go up? Call me Phil Collins, cuz I don't care anymore.

Jul 4th

Phillip Harkin

new podcast idea.. Rants The Ticket #thankme

Jul 3rd








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“Trump’s Recovery Summer.”

“Trump’s Recovery Summer.”

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