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“Welcome to the Schiff-show.”

“Welcome to the Schiff-show.”

Update: 2019-11-1454


Bill Taylor drops a bombshell on the first day of the impeachment hearings while Republicans peddle conspiracies, Democratic presidential candidates prepare to be Senate jurors, and Deval Patrick enters the primary. Then former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal offers his legal and Constitutional analysis of the hearing and talks about his new book, “Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump.”

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Superb analysis. Your ability to put all this in context and to explain quite complex issues clearly and plainly is excellent

Nov 27th

John Moore

You wanna solve this whole thing? Here's how we cut through all the bullshit. Get Crongress to send a formal letter to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, put the full weight and authority of the United States government behind it, and we all accept his response as the truth and act accordingly. Here: "President Volodymyr Zelensky, It has come to our attention that the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, may have initiated a quid pro quo campaign against you and the Ukrainian government, conditioning arms, aid, or other political favors for his own personal gain, including the investigation of his political enemies. We request your candor in this matter, with the assurance that your response will have no impact on current or future resolutions to support and defend Ukraine against Russian aggression. We respectfully ask your truthful answers to the following questions: Were you pressured to initiate any investigation into Hunter Biden or Barisma in exchange for aid? Were you pressured to initiate any investigation into Hunter Biden or Barisma in exchange for political meetings, or for any other conditional compensation? Were you instructed to announce any investigation into Hunter Biden or Barisma? Did you or any members of the Ukrainian government grant any political favors in exchange for or in response to the release of aid or the meetings between yourself and the President of the United States? We look forward to your response, and remind you again that the continued support of Ukrain will not be jeopardized by any responses that you give in this matter. Thank you." No more hearings, no more "Republicans did" this and "Democrats said" that. No more fighting about who needs to testify, or who's got the right credentials. Ask the guy. Tell him to tell the truth, no strings attached. Nullify any potential pressure or threat of reprisal. Then, accept his answer. Is that too complicated? Would that not be sufficient? Why has no one else spoken about doing this?

Nov 17th

Ann Stephenson

Hey guys, I was surprised to not hear any mention of Duvall Patrick's horrible behavior around his sexual predator brother in law. I admittedly know very little about Patrick but I was shocked by this story and would like to know your take on it as people who know him better.

Nov 16th

Andi-Roo Libecap

Hey @danpfeiffer, will #UnTrumpingAmerica be available as an audio book? SAY YES. @PodSaveAmerica

Nov 15th
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“Welcome to the Schiff-show.”

“Welcome to the Schiff-show.”

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