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“Where is the line?”

“Where is the line?”

Update: 2019-10-0839


New evidence and whistleblowers further incriminate the President, Republicans are running out of believable excuses, and Joe Biden’s campaign weighs the best response. Then Federal Election Commission Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub talks to Jon about the crime of soliciting foreign interference in a U.S. election.

(Production note: Dan's takes are recorded via phone this episode due to technical difficulties.)

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John Moore

The problem with this series of scandal is that it's all exactly as nefarious as you think it is. If you want it to not be nefarious, it's not. If you want it to be nefarious, it is. It is exactly what anyone thinks it is, no more, no less. I think the BIG mistake that I see no matter where I look is how much people impugn each other when the other side doesn't see this exactly how they see it. Saying that Democrats and others are "hypocrites," "hate facts," or are just "out to get the president" is just as destructive as saying that Trump supporters "want an excuse to ignore or rally around his crimes." This is just the latest in another divisive news narrative that are becoming SO goddamn profitable. Whatever this is, whatever the truth is, whatever happens, we're gonna be prodded into hating each other through the power of suggestion, all for the sake of advertising dollars. That disturbs me.

Oct 8th
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“Where is the line?”

“Where is the line?”

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