Discover#RAWHISTory — Nathan Histed꧁VISUAL꧂ What Happened With The #RAWHISTory Docuseries??
꧁VISUAL꧂ What Happened With The #RAWHISTory Docuseries??

꧁VISUAL꧂ What Happened With The #RAWHISTory Docuseries??

Update: 2021-01-14


-—-> Watch The VISUAL episode Here

For those of you who may not know, #RAWHISTory started out as a segment on my YouTube called “Moment 2 Reflect” which turned into #RAWHISTory after moving from NYC. Many episodes were filmed (this podcast being one of them) and include my Dad, my best friends, laughs, and a few ugly cries. Then I lost 90% of that footage. The last stage of the “era” that is RAWHISTory was the docuseries. A complete production team, editor, successful ($6-7k raised) however 2020. We refunded those that backed the project and closed the door on the idea of anything coming from it.  Now, we’re here! #RAWHISTory 2.0? Nope. Still just plain ol’RAWHISTory.


We would love to hear your story, no matter how big or small you may feel it to be; for someone it could change their whole life! It would also mean the world to me if you guys would check out to see how you can Support the show( and have access to a members only private podcast (new episodes recorded as requested by members, topics, advice, or just to talk! We’ll also have at least one Xoom call a month, which I think would be really nice! Feel free to text me (310)388-6794  :) I’m on my phone all day!

I think we can all agree that 2020 truly brought out the darkest and deepest thoughts memories or experiences imaginable, but it’s imperative to remember and keep the focus on the GOOD we experienced and shared with our friends and family. We all need a moment to just check-in to check out. Join social media influencer, and host of #RAWHISTory Nathan Histed every second and last Friday of each month (sometimes more) as he discusses pretty much everything from being gay, dealing with the aftermath of 2020, music, everyone’s guilty pleasure; celebrity gossip, hot topics, and pure random moments, to help ease the reality of for some the new normal and allow yourself to take a moment and reflect.


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꧁VISUAL꧂ What Happened With The #RAWHISTory Docuseries??

꧁VISUAL꧂ What Happened With The #RAWHISTory Docuseries??

Nathan Histed