Discover通勤學英語 15Mins Today每日英語跟讀 Ep.K293: 永續照明系統下一步是它
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K293: 永續照明系統下一步是它

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K293: 永續照明系統下一步是它

Update: 2022-01-18


每日英語跟讀 Ep.K293: Next step is circular lighting! Signify head highlights benefits of circular economy



Most companies develop their business in a linear way: take, produce, use and dispose. They sell their products, and customers dispose them after their lifetime. This company wants to reduce the negative impact products can have on the environment that’s the reason why they produce their luminaires with a 3D printer.

「台灣社會具極高的永續意識。」昕諾飛台灣總經理余泳濤告訴The China Post,更表示台灣政府現在也在推動「五加二」產業政策,其中便包含循環經濟相關政策。

“Taiwan society has a very high awareness of sustainability,” Eric Yu, General Manager & Vice President of Signify Taiwan (昕諾飛台灣總經理余泳濤) told The China Post, noting that the government’s “5+2 Policy” rightly includes policies related to the so-called “Circular Economy.”

昕諾飛早在五年前便將3D列印燈具的服務擴及全球,在台灣,昕諾飛更與台北101合作,在35樓的Sky Park區執行試驗性計劃,利用3D列印燈具提供更友善的工作環境。

Signify has rolled out 3D print light as a service model globally over the past five years. In Taiwan, the company has worked with Taipei 101 on a pilot project at the Sky Park located on its 35th floor. The project uses 3D print plus light as a service.


“We have worked on reducing the negative impact of the overproduction on the environment,” Yu added, noting that luminaires are composed of several components, including the reflector, module, fixture, and power supply – all with different lifespans.


With this observation in mind, Signify has created lighting solutions customized to suit your business needs, in line with a clear set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for sustainability. These solutions include everything from design and build to operation and maintenance.


Companies can also choose to rent the lighting system instead of owning it, giving them financial flexibility right from the start.


“You can choose the texture of the luminaires,” he went on. “You can even put your company logo onto it.” Everything is done online and there is no minimum quantity required, meaning that Signify can produce specific luminaires for specific environments.


“The Circular Economy all starts with the needs of customers,” he explained. “Customers don’t want to understand too much about the technical parts. What they really need is proper illumination, whether they can combine the natural light in their office building.” Source article:

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K293: 永續照明系統下一步是它

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K293: 永續照明系統下一步是它