Discover通勤學英語 15Mins Today每日英語跟讀 Ep.K362: 駐外記者的時代過去了
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K362: 駐外記者的時代過去了

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K362: 駐外記者的時代過去了

Update: 2022-05-09


每日英語跟讀 Ep.K362: The Era of the Foreign Correspondent Is Over


It will be named for a word that is the same in dozens of languages. It will recruit English-speaking journalists from countries like India and Singapore to cover the news. And according to its cofounder, “The era of the foreign correspondent is over.”

它將會是在幾十種語言中相同的單詞。它將從印度和新加坡等國招募講英語的記者來報導 新聞。根據其聯合創始人的說法, 外國記者的時代已經結束。“

These are among the ideas in store for the new media venture led by Justin Smith, the former chief executive of Bloomberg Media, and Ben Smith, the former editor of BuzzFeed and media columnist for The New York Times, according to remarks by Justin Smith during an online seminar.

根據賈斯汀·史密斯(Justin Smith)在一次在線研討會上的言論,這些都是由彭博媒體(Bloomberg Media)前首席執行官賈斯汀·史密斯(Justin Smith)和BuzzFeed前主編、《紐約時報》媒體專欄作家本·史密斯(Ben Smith)領導的新媒體企業的想法之一。

The Smiths, who are not related, have been tight-lipped about plans for their new company, which has captured the fascination of the media industry because of its high-profile founders and their ambitious pledge to compete with international outlets like Reuters, The Associated Press and The Times.


The Smiths are seeking tens of millions of dollars in funding from prominent investors. They announced the hiring of Gina Chua, a top editor at Reuters who will serve as executive editor.

史密斯夫婦正在尋求知名投資者的數千萬美元資金 。他們宣佈聘請路透社的頂級編輯Gina Chua, 她將擔任執行編輯。

Justin Smith offered some new details during an hourlong Zoom interview sponsored by the Harvard Business School Club of New York.

賈斯汀·史密斯(Justin Smith)在紐約哈佛商學院俱樂部(Harvard Business School Club of New York)贊助的長達一小時的Zoom採訪中提供了一些新的細節。

“We’ve chosen a brand that we’re going to be unveiling in a couple of months that is the same word in 25 or 35 different languages,” Smith told the moderator. “It is very intentionally going to be able to live in Asia or Europe or the Middle East or America.”

“我們選擇了一個我們將在幾個月內推出的品牌,這是25或35種不同語言的同一個詞,”史密斯告訴主持人。 “這是非常有意的,能夠生活在亞洲、歐洲、中東或美洲。“

Smith did not reveal the name that he had selected. English words that are the same or similar in many other languages include taxi, tea, coffee, chai, sugar, pajama, radio and soup.

史密斯沒有透露他選擇的名字。 在許多其他語言中相同或相似的英語單詞包括計程車,茶,咖啡,柴, 糖,睡衣,收音機和湯。

Smith also shared his thoughts about what he called the end of an era where news outlets based in London, New York or Washington dispatched journalists to foreign countries to report on the goings-on there. He asked why foreign readers would not prefer a homegrown English-speaking native to report the news in their region.

史密斯還分享了他對自己所謂的時代結束的看法,在這個時代 ,倫敦、紐約或華盛頓的新聞媒體派遣記者 到國外報導那裡發生的事情。他問為什麼外國 讀者不喜歡一個土生土長的講英語的人來報導 他們所在地區的新聞。

“The idea that you send some well-educated young graduate from the Ivy League to Mumbai to tell us about what’s going on in Mumbai in 2022 is sort of insane,” Smith said.


Instead, he said he would pursue “very educated, English-language-educated journalists all around the world,” describing an opportunity “for scaling local and regional newsrooms at a lower cost.”

相反的,他說他將在世界各地追求「受過良好教育,受過英語教育的記者」,並描述了一個“以較低的成本擴大本地和區域新聞編輯室的機會。” Source article:

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K362: 駐外記者的時代過去了

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K362: 駐外記者的時代過去了