DiscoverSecond in Command: A Veep Rewatch“Midterms” (S2E1) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim
“Midterms” (S2E1) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

“Midterms” (S2E1) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

Update: 2021-12-07


Welcome back to Second in Command: A Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim! We’re back with Season 2 and we're kicking it off with Episode 1: “Midterms”.

SYNOPSIS: Selina's party does poorly in the midterm election, though Selina has a successful campaign, which she attempts to leverage into greater influence for herself. A Presidential strategist named Kent Davison, with whom Selina has a troubled history, returns from an absence. Selina is assigned responsibility for foreign relations. 

If you thought there was a lot of behind-the-scenes in the Season 1 rewatch, wait till you see what Matt and Tim have to unpack in Season 2. They talk about changes and improvements they brought onto this season a long with some insane on-set rehearsal processes. 

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“Midterms” (S2E1) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

“Midterms” (S2E1) Veep Rewatch with Matt and Tim

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