DiscoverOne More Thing Before You Go“The Empowerment of Choice” Flashback Wednesday
“The Empowerment of Choice” Flashback Wednesday

“The Empowerment of Choice” Flashback Wednesday

Update: 2023-03-29


In this flashback Wednesday we take another look at an amazing story of empowerment after loss with Episode 156 which originally aired February 16, 2002. It's one of our favorites. What do you do when you lose your 45-year-old husband to an aneurysm and he’s not even home when it happens? What do you tell your two children who want to know why their fathers not coming home? How does your life move forward after coming to an abrupt halt leaving you the sole parent of two boys and not knowing what’s going to happen to your future? I am your host Michael Herst, and this is That Thing About “The Empowerment of Choice”

As my guest Marie Alessi so eloquently reminds us “Grief is individual, no two stories are the same – in particular not the emotions you deal with hourly. Every roller coaster has different turns.” in this episode you’re going to understand the methods and a special unique strategy to find Happiness and Joy again, as well as what choices you have to change your life.

Marie Alessi is a mother, a bestselling Author, a dancer, CEO, Influencer & Speaker. After her husband passed away unexpectedly from an aneurysm, she found and created her way back to Joy. She instinctively knew it was the only path worthy for their young boys. Her husband had taught her the concept of two choices - and this one was made in his honor, to make him proud. Marie has become a shining example of choosing Love over fear and sadness, and started a movement of "Loving Life after Loss" she offers hope, healing & happiness to the world when people expect it the least… and need it the most. Find out more about Marie and her book as well as her movement please visit https://beforeyougopodcast/com and Support us visit

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“The Empowerment of Choice” Flashback Wednesday

“The Empowerment of Choice” Flashback Wednesday

Michael R Herst